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Dr Dish
Repetition = Better Shooters
Dr. Dish shooting machine provides the fastest way to accelerate skill development and shot perfection. Athletes can achieve 5 times more shots, schedule their own training program and receive stats on shots made. When designing your workout you can set the following options:
Shot Position:
Select 1 or multiple position you want the machine to pass the ball to

Shots Per Position:
Number of consecutive shots to take at each position

How long between shots

Workout Aim:
Choose the workout aim - Shots Taken, Shots Made, Set Time

Shot Distance:
Choose the distance to shot from (3pts or 2pts)

Design Your Workout
dr dish machine
Repetition Makes Perfection
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2 Dr Dish Machines
dr dish machine
2 x 1 Hour Sessions / week
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$50 / week
1 Hour Sessions/ week
Online Booking System
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1 Hour Sessions
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