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Repetition = Better Shooters
Dr. Dish shooting machine provides the fastest way to accelerate skill development and shot perfection. Athletes can achieve 5 times more shots, schedule their own training program and receive stats on shots made. When designing your workout you can set the following options:
Shot Position:
Select 1 or multiple position you want the machine to pass the ball to

Shots Per Position:
Number of consecutive shots to take at each position

How long between shots

Workout Aim:
Choose the workout aim - Shots Taken, Shots Made, Set Time

Shot Distance:
Choose the distance to shot from (3pts or 2pts)

Design Your Workout
dr dish machine
Repetition Makes Perfection
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dr dish machine
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Membership Offer: 1 Week Free Trial! We are so confident you will love using our shooting machines you can join with your first week free. This allows you to test the machine and see the benefits first hand.
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Online Booking System
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