3 on 3 Ball - Key to youth development

3 on 3 youth development

Players experience 4 key differences to traditional basketball that will enhance their skill development faster than traditional basketball

Touch the ball more often

Simple maths dictates that with 3 players on a team versus 5 players on a team, the average player is going to get the ball in their hands a lot more. In fact most players will touch the ball on every play, regardless of whether you are a point guard or a post player, with 3 on 3 you are in the play. This is vastly different to traditional basketball were some players will go for extensive periods without feeling the ball. Touching the ball more often allows players to develop their skills much faster, equally importantly it also provides them much great enjoyment.

More room to learn

Younger players who are still developing their game, skills, strength and experience, need more room on the court to practice their trade and gain confidence. With 6 players on the court rather than 10 they have a lot more room to work in and can practice their skills in a less congested yet still competitive environment.

Easier to learn the game

Coordinating 3 players on the team and only focusing on handling 3 defends is much more manageable for younger players than traditional 5 on 5 basketball. They will learn the key s of the game like pick-n-roll, screen away, and screen the ball. Some players will also start to figure these skills out themselves without being taught as the options are easier to see in a less congested environment.

No Presses & Zones, Just Ball

Traditional basketball coaches spend a lot of time on training teams to either set presses and zones, or on how to penetrate them. There is clearly a place for these lessons in basketball, however with younger players focussing on the key fundamentals is more important to their long-term progress. This is where 3 on 3 basketball excels.

3 on 3 Hoops Coming Soon

We are so excited to be opening 3 on 3 Hoops in Oakleigh very soon and cannot wait to be a key developer in developing the basketball skills of young Melbourne basketballers

Posted 5th Aug 2019

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