How will 3ON3 Hoops work?

4 games

3ON3 Hoops is a weekly 3ON3 basketball league where teams play multiple teams of a similar standard on a weekly basis.


Games of 3 on 3 Hoops will go for 10 minutes or first to 21 points. 2 points for a shot behind the arc (normally a 3 pointer these are worth 2!) and 1 point for a field goal or free throw. These games are pretty much non-stop except for a 1 minute time out in the middle of the game.

3 Opponents Every Night

You will play 3 different teams on each night. Not only will you get lots of basketball action each week you should have similar standard teams to play against.

Our Unique laddering system will move teams up the ladder when they win each week and move teams down the ladder each week if they lose. This will allow you to get a variety of teams all around the same level giving you a great competitive game each week.

45 Minutes of Heat

The best thing is all 3 games will be completed in just 45 minutes, therefore there is no different from playing a normal game of 5 v 5 except you will get much more basketball action playing 3 on 3 hoops.

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Posted 21st Aug 2019

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