Why Play 3 ON 3 Basketball

why play 3 on 3 ball

1. More Space to play.

With only 6 players on the court compared to traditional basketball with 10 players, players have a lot more freedom to penetrate and either create a good finish or find an open man.

2. Players have the ball more.

Quite simply there are only 3 on the floor for each team therefore you will have the ball more in 3 on 3 than traditional basketball.

3. Fast Pace!

3 on 3 is very fast. The ball is scored and the opposing team gets the ball and only has to take the ball outside of the 3 point line and then they are attacking immediately. Its non-stop action

4. Faster Skill Development

All the skills you need for traditional 5 on 5 basketball are required for 3 on 3 and you get more opportunity to use them

5. 3 on 3 is in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Both 3 on 3 Basketball and Traditional Basketball will be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Posted 29th Jul 2019

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